Australia Fashion & Beauty Photographer Glen Krohn | Fashion Photoshoot | Fleur de Fleur

Fleur de Fleur

Brisbane Fashion Photographer Glen Krohn recently shot the amazing Dally’s model Fleur Templeton in an editorial featuring an array of of decadent fresh flowers alongside their namesake.

Stylist Tamzen Holland played on the current monochromatic trend for the wardrobe featuring black and white textured elements which contrasted against the bright and bold colours of the blooms surrounding Fleur. Makeup and Hair stylist Tracie Weaver created an ethereal pastel toned makeup and voluminous shapes out of Fleur’s blonde tresses.

Glen shot the series against an array of colourful backdrops and textures in colours such as rose and turquoise as a juxtaposition against the vivid yellows, oranges and greens of the flora and foliage. Strong shadows and depths of field are present in the series to add to the interest of the story of a broken down doll trapped in a floral wonderland.

Credits :

photography – Glen Krohn

styling –  Tamzen Holland

makeup & hair – Tracie Weaver

model – Fleur @ Dallys

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